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My husband, Peter Voyentzie, is being discharged today, and I am happy to say that this was a very good stay for him. His nurses, Shella, Sue, and Juanite, were excellent caring nurses and Marlin was a caring wonderful help to Peter. Irene, LaToya, and Clara also were very kind and helpful. This stay was beneficial, and also Peter really enjoyed the delicious food, which was a real surprise and a treat. He had spent two months in another facility in Florida, and the food was not to his liking at all. Thank you for insuring that your staff is such high quality, and that kindness, caring, and skill go hand in hand in your facility. His rehab stay was excellent, really got him motivated, and showed him new exercises that he can continue on his own at home. Thank you again.

— Diane Voyentzie

“Bethel Health Care gives a good first impression. The hallways and activity rooms are cheerfully decorated. There are spaces for families to gather. Staff members who pass in the halls smile and greet visitors and residents alike. Once a resident has been at Bethel Health Care for awhile. the first impression is reinforced. Staff are courteous,respectful, and helpful. Residents see various staff personnel during the day-recreation,physical therapy,occupational therapy,case manager, nursing supervisor, and concierge- in addition to the nurses and PCTs who are always available. Meds and ,meals arrive on time, and meals are generally very good. Call bells are answered in a reasonable time.The floor secretary keeps track of resident appointment and other non routine matters. Both physical therapy and occupational therapy are scheduled daily, and progress is carefully charted. Visitors feel welcome and are able to come 24 hours a day without restriction. They have comfortable places to wait when their residents are sleeping or otherwise indisposed. They can take residents out on a porch or into the day room for a change of scene, or even wheel them outside on the sidewalks that surround the facility to look at the well tended grounds in a peaceful neighborhood. All in all, Bethal Health Care is a very good place to recuperate and rehabilitate.

— Joy and Walt Kopesky

Dear Mary, Hillary, Cindy, Erin, Becky, Elena, and all of the other wonderful therapists who we have had the great pleasure of working with and getting to know; we want to thank you all for your tireless effort and dedication over these past 100 days and all the other times as well. We, (Eileen, Warren, and family) hold all of you with the highest regard for all you did for us, and for all your other patients. We have learned so much from each and every one of you and we are thankful for all your support and encouragement, professional expertise, and compassion. You always had a smile for us and what was (is) most remarkable, is the way you make each person feel like they are the most important person to you! You have all truly gifted us with your many gifts and talents! With love, ` Eileen, Warren, & Family

— Eileen & Family

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the solicitous attention I have received from your staff, along with a peaceful and welcoming environment. I came to your facility for rehabilitation after a total knee replacement. My concern was that I had added another disability to my life. As it was, I am legally blind. I expected a long convalescence with inability to walk for a long time. I am walking with a cane 8 days post-surgery. I would like to express my personal gratitude to the physical therapist that worked with me, namely Izol Gonzalez, Curtis Shaughnessy and Rena Mantegazza for their undivided attention and excellent professional skills. Most important, I saw daily progress, which motivated me to work very hard. Their instructions were very clear. As to the Occupational Therapy Staff, the acquitted themselves with equal professionalism and humanity. What I found remarkable was the environment of cooperation and cordiality among your staff with a peaceful environment so necessary for recuperation.

— Rosario Loaiza S, MA, CCC, SLP

My recent stay (10/24 – 11/1) at BHC was such a good experience that I wanted to say thank you. All of the staff shows the right combination of skill and professionalism while being friendly and caring. The call bell is answered promptly and with a smile. The food is very good. I usually had 8:00 am physical therapy and really appreciated the cart with coffee and muffins before 7:30. I can’t say enough about the physical therapists. They helped me make great progress. It’s tough recovering from a major operation, but with the help I received at Bethel I could see the progress every day toward recovery. Thanks to everyone and a special thank you to the third floor aide, Elizabeth. She’s the best.

— Mary Kehoe

I have been staying here for rehab, being my first time here I have no complaints. As far as the aides here, they are terrific, very, very good, always smiling. I rate them a #1. I give them an A+. If I need to go to the bathroom they are right there. The food is excellent. My family owned a restaurant for 25 yrs so I do understand what’s good (very good). As far as the clothing, no problem. They wash my clothes here and I always get it back. It is very clean here. Housekeeping does an excellent job. I have no complaints as far as cleanliness. I would not hesitate to come back to Bethel Health Care no problem based on my experience here, excellent!

— Frances Brown

I want to give you all a huge “thank you” for the outstanding care you gave our Mother, Eleanor Babarbas, for the 11 months she was with you until her passing. The team on the Apple Blossom floor treated her like their own mom. Courtney, Anna, Hugo, Kristen, Susie, and Kelsey went above and beyond. We will forever be indebted to them, for their kindness and compassion. Also a thank you to the ladies in the beauty shop who on the occasion our mom got there to get her hair done made her feel like a million bucks!!!! Our mom received from your staff the kind of love she always gave. God bless you all! Theresa, Mary, Joe, Ellie, Julie and Bernard

— Theresa Rogers

To the Director of Bethel Health Care, I would like to thank the entire staff of Bethel Health Care for the wonderful care and treatment for my mother Matilda Barsi had during the four years, as well as the past few weeks of her life. Your employees sacrifice a lot. Giving up their own family time just to be with the residents at the of their lives. They are there to console family members. With everything that is going on around the world, it’s nice to know that there are still loving and caring individuals. Bethel Health Care is truly blessed with angels. Sincerely, Linda DeLeo

— Linda DeLeo

Dear Nancy: I wanted to drop you a short note to express to you my sincere gratitude to you and the entire staff, especially on the third floor where I stayed during the time I was there. The service and care given to me was above my expectations which I thank you and your staff for, and please express my thanks to them. This is the third time that I have used Bethel Health Care Center for my medical needs and I highly commend management for the service that I have received from a very professional staff. I want you to know that I would not hesitate to recommend your facility to all my friends and acquaintances, in fact I recommended one gentleman, Kenneth Downing, who was just released and was very satisfied with the service he received. Here is hoping that you continue with your successful career as Concierge at the Bethel Health Care Center.

— Richard S. Jowdy

Thank you for all your care and concern for Eva Balson and her family A special thanks to the lady who went out and got her a shake. We appreciate your making a difficult time easier.

— Jerry and Sally

My experience with Bethel Health Care has been excellent therefore this is my 11th time here. I am a frequent flyer here. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The staff makes the place here. When you are not feeling well and in a facility being comfortable goes a long way to healing and Bethel has been very accommodating and caring during all of my stays here. Therapy is also excellent and very personable. They make rehab pleasant and fun while getting results at the same time. I have volunteered at local skilled nursing facilities in the social service department for 13 years. I understand the industry and can honestly say that Bethel Health Care is the best. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to come back here when necessary. I am happy to share my experience with the public. All staff in all departments are great to work with, no reason to go anywhere else but Bethel Health Care.

— Dorothy Schier

Since September 2014 I have been a patient at Bethel Health Care Center on three separate occasions and I want to go on record and say that this is an outstanding facility. The Administration, doctors, nurses, therapists and other staff members are most professional, highly dedicated, sensitive, empathetic and caring and I enjoyed interacting with them on a daily basis. When addressed with issues, they responded in a most expeditious and positive manner and made you feel that your needs were a top priority. The food was consistently excellent and did reflect proper dietary codes.

— William Pratella

With the time of my release coming up soon, it’s a good time to reflect on who and what made my stay so pleasant. One of the caring persons is the concierge, Nancy Rodrigues, who lightens my room whenever she enters. She takes time to sit and chat and asks if she can help if I need help. People, like Nancy, can only be an asset for Bethel Care. I would highly recommend Bethel Care and Nancy who continued the tradition of good care. Sincerely, Carmella Tusa, 9/27/16 P.S. This not only applies to Nancy but the whole 3rd floor. This has been a great toad to recovery. I would and will recommend Bethel Care to everyone.

— Carmella Tusa

“You have all made our mother’s stay so pleasant. It has been so reassuring to us as a family during this stressful time to know she has been in such good, professional and caring hands. We especially appreciate all the times you went the extra mile in caring for her and answering questions and responding to the call button! What a great team you are! Thank you for your sensitivity, good humor, compassion, and daily smiles; it made us look forward to see you all each and every day! It was a pleasure getting to know you all! We will always remember you with fondness and with gratitude.” – Love, the Brown Family

— The Brown Family

Dear Bethel Health Care Center Staff, Nurses, and Aids, The family of Mary Ciriello would like to thank you for the abundant kindness, care, and concern you provided to our dear Mother while she was a resident at Bethel Health Care Center. After 97 years of complete independence, she was apprehensive at first committing herself to Bethel Health Care, but in no time at all, she came to think of you as family. We would like to commend your organization for putting together a staff to be very proud of! We were blessed to receive excellent care from the staff at Bethel Health Care Center. The food prepared by the kitchen was wonderful as the staff. The Aids were very helpful and I am sure they will have a bright future. Again, thank you. Sincerely, Family of Mary Ciriello

— Family of Mary Ciriello

I am very happy with my stay here at Bethel Health and Rehabilitation Center. They are definitely meeting my expectations. I have been to two other rehab facilities and I would have to say that this one is the best. Everything is running smooth and the staff is extremely friendly and caring. This place is highly recommended and it is definitely top notch! I would gladly recommend Bethel Health and Rehab Center to others.

— Roland Patterson